1. Absorption
Plant, Seed and Essential oils are able to deeply penetrate the skin delivering a host of vitamins, minerals, essential fatty acids, antioxidants, and other valuable nutrients to the skin.

2. Results
Plant, Seed and Essential oils produce serious results. These oils work to quickly and deliberately re-hydrate, nourish, tone, balance oil production, and plump your skin. It is an organic process; you give skin what it needs…your skin shows happy!

3. Simplicity
Oils are pure and restorative forces of nature. They are beautifully organic and contain more skin restoring nutrients than any other skincare product on the market today. That is a promise!

4. Safe
Plant, Seed, and Essential oils, in appropriate dilutions, are safe and have been used for centuries around the world for healing, hydrating, and protecting the skin.

Yes, you heard us right. Oil can be used on any skin type and will improve all skin conditions, even acne. If you improve the adverse conditions of the skin and balance the oil production of your skin you will be thrilled with the results.
What are adverse conditions? These conditions show up as acne, pigmentation, rosacea, broken capillaries, eczema, dermatitis, and many more.

6. Keeps Giving
Organic and true to the way nature intended skin to be treated, oils never stop providing your skin with valuable nutrients and healing. Just as quality foods keep nourishing your body, oils keep nourishing your skin.

7. Glow
There is no glow like an “oil glow” (not to be confused with “oily or greasy”). Oils effortlessly melt into the skin without leaving an oily residue behind.

8. Balance
Plant oils are all natural and non-toxic so they DO NOT clog pores. Quality skin oils pull and dissolve oil from the skin which balances the oil production.

9. All Oils Aren’t the Same
We are all familiar with inexpensive oils (petroleum and mineral oil). These have been proven to clog pores and suffocate skin cells (lack of oxygen). These are the oils that people refer to when they say “oils cause acne” or “oils are greasy” or “oils are like putting a pan of grease on your face.” Do some research, use discernment and think independently. All oils should never be placed in the same bucket. They serve many different purposes. Just like you and me!

10. Sun Protection
We must tread very lightly on this subject but we do not feel it should go unrecognized. Many plant and essential oils have natural sun protection qualities. This is an added benefit, but for now we recommend an SPF of 30 applied over the face or body oil.