1. Nature Combined with the Best that Science Has to Offer
Correct form and molecular structure of skincare ingredients is critical for proper absorption and ability to affect change within the skin cells. Extensive study of plant oils, seed oils, essential oils, molecular weight and structure, and skin conditions is at the heart of EBO products.

2. Quality and Purity
Like anything else, there are many ways to source essential and plant oils. EBO skincare is fully committed to using the finest ingredients sourced world-wide. These ingredients are treated with love and respect from the planting process, to the extraction process, to the end-product. No alcohol, toxic chemicals, or “fillers”.

3. First “In Class” Products
Each and every EBO product has over 20 oils combined for maximum efficacy and superior absorption.

4. Mind, Body and Spirit
Not only do these products do amazing things for your skin, they have significant impact on your olfactory senses as well. Aromatherapy has been used for years to improve conditions of your mind, body and spirit.
Peace on the inside = Peace on the outside

5. Be Creative!
EBO products allow you to use your creativity and intuition. Many EBO users are inspired by the simplicity and ease of use. Customers have reported using EBO oils successfully for shaving, taming frizzy hair, acne scarring, burns, bruises, spider bites, surgical scars, diaper rash, pet application, sun and wind burn, make-up remover, and perfume. Keep them coming, we love hearing from you!

6. Simplicity
Quality skincare oils can consolidate and replace many popular & complex regiments. Enough of the multiple facial skincare products cluttering your bathroom vanities! EBO products have conscientiously been developed to bring together all your facial skincare needs and placed into 1 bottle. For example, you don’t need a separate eye cream (oils work much better anyway). Skin around the eye is very delicate and only fine molecules will penetrate. Save yourself the hassle!

7. Vitality and Healing for All
Women, Men, Boys, Girls, Grandma, Grandpa, Babies, and Pets will all benefit from EBO skin and body care products.

8. Visible and Physical Improvements
You can expect EBO products to change the way your skin looks and feels. You will enjoy this skincare experience and the compliments that come your way!

9. Elizabeth Bergman Organics = Nature + Science + Art + Love
There is no doubt that creating product synergy is an art requiring a blend of science, logic, insight and intuition. ALL EBO products are hand-crafted and loaded with Love. This love for all things living and healing is the basis of all EBO products. Plant your seed today!

10. Elizabeth Bergman Organics “Oils for the Skin ~ Oils for the Soul”
There is a deep, gentle elegance to plant and essential oils. A long history spanning millennia defines their healing partnership with us. The healing effects of plant and essential oils can be subtle and profound. They can affect healing on all four realms of reality - physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. However, the oils themselves are not the healing agents. Rather they are bio-spiritual agents which promote the action of the body’s own healing systems.