I’ve known Brooke for many years and her new company exemplifies her passion for wellness, healing, and progressive skin care. She is an artist to say the least! May you be blessed with everything you deserve!A. G. – Noblesville, IN

This works! I'm 67 years old and had dry freckled skin for as long as I could remember. I thought that was my destiny. Then I was introduced to Elizabeth Bergman Organics by a house guest. These oils gave my skin new life. It is now soft, glowing and my fine lines are visibly reduced. As an added bonus, the CALM oil used at night helps me sleep deeper and the STRENGTHEN during the day makes me feel energized. It seems Ms. Bergman has gathered the best in nature, formulated an amazing product and put it in a bottle. Thank you!! Make EBO your friend, because it is!A.W.- Kauai, Hawaii

Elizabeth Bergman Organics is truly a miracle.  I use Awaken, Infusion Tonic, and then either Strengthen or Nourish.  After day one, I could tell a difference.  My skin was brighter and softer.  A couple of days later my skin was lighter and it just keeps healing.  I have eczema and it had gotten worse but when I started using EBO Skincare it got so much better and now it's just lightening the dark patches.  I also have scars and they have lightened, too.  These products really are a Godsend.  My skin is healthy and bright and feels and looks the way I feel inside. P.G., Indiana

I work for EYEMAX Cosmetics and we sell EBO products at our store.  I didn't realize how amazing these oils are - Brooke came in and gave use oils to try, OMG!!!  Day one I started to notice a change with my skin, I use Strengthen and it has changed my whole life - my acne is totally cleared up and the scaring is fading.  My daughter is 16 and has severe eczema, she uses Nourish oil on her skin and over night.  Her skin is smooth and the patches are lightening and her skins appears brighter.  We have used all kinds of creams and lotions and nothing has worked except this product!!!  I have done make-up for 14 years and have seen lots of cleansers, creams, and lotions and have never come across a product like EBO.  It is amazing!!!  If you want your skin to look good, younger and most importantly feel good to the touch........this is your product.  K.G. Indianapolis, IN

My wife introduced me to your organic products and I want you to know that I'm "hooked" (in a good way..). You're spot on with your philosophy for only using truly organic, plant-based ingredients for your products. We are thrilled with the results we're receiving and love the essence (smell) and experience from each of your organic oils. Who would have thought someone could create something truly unique in a crowded skin care market! Another thing I want to point out is the growing awareness about dangers from putting synthetic products & fragrances on your skin. Some studies are comparing chemical-laced artificial fragrances to toxic health consequences. Here are a few articles you might find interesting.

All the best for your success - keep the new products coming! J.R. Denver, CO

I thought you might like to hear this:  A friend and her beautiful 20 year old daughter dropped by for a visit last week.  I was fresh out of the shower when they arrived, clean, but with nothing on my face except some EBO facial oil that you were kind enough to share with me.  I had to leave the room for a moment and as I did so, I overheard the yound woman saying to her Mom, "Her skin looks great!"  Obviously I was pleased, especially considering they had stopped by to wish me a happy 65th birthday!  I immediately placed an order for a 2 ounce bottle of CALM!  It must be working!  Thanks for the good work you are doing.  S.M., Iowa

I want to send a message to anyone wanting beautiful, healthy skin. I've found the only thing better than using one EBO oil is using more than one. I am a licensed esthetician, and have tried many, many skin care products (OTC & professional), and I've found nothing compares to EBO. Since starting using these facial oils, I reduced my skin care routine time and # of products I was juggling. I would spend lots of time (and $$) applying my complexes, serums, moisturizers, primers,eye creams, etc, etc. This innovative product is everything you need (and beyond) in one product. After using Calm facial oil, I noticed a difference immediately. Then, after a week I just had to meet the creator. Ms. Bergman definitely did her homework - I was so impressed with her philosophy about caring for skin and her product line. I have very complicated skin and by using Calm at night and Strengthen during the day, my skin is finally under control. Try this product, you'll never use anything else. Congrats & Thank You - I can't wait for the next creation to your amazing line!!! L. K. Indianapolis, IN

EBO Skincare is amazing! In less than a month the improvement in my aging,sensitive and combination skin exceeds anything I've ever tried (and I've tried just about everything!). My skin is clearer, more even-toned and plumper. The fact that one product works so well in addressing multiple skin issues makes it even more extraordinary. Don't waste your time or money on anything else, just use this!L.R. – Indianapolis, IN

My 13 year old daughter was suffering with a rash shortly after being diagnosed with strep throat.   The rash was spreading daily all over her body and face.  (Not good for a 13 year old attending middle school.)  After several trips to the doctor and dermatologist, applying ointments and even having biopsies we had no definite answers or relief from the rash.   In talking with Brooke, she suggested we pursue an allergist and start using the Calm Oil immediately.  Within a couple of days of starting the oil the rash was visibly reducing.  After only a few weeks the rash was completely gone.   My daughter and I are very grateful for Brooke and EBO.  Thank you!!K. Q. - Glen Carbon, IL.

I have battled acne for many years while using the industry leading acne products (you know what I’m talking about) plus prescriptions from my dermatologist. When I was introduced to oils for my face, I was skeptical to say the least. Less than a month after using these oils my face is clear and I receive daily compliments about my skin looking clear and glowing. Thank you Elizabeth Bergman Organics (and thank you Brooke) !!A.N. – Chicago, IL
I was skeptical about putting oils on my face until I tried the Elizabeth Bergman Organics products and learned about the science behind the formulations. It’s awesome how oils can add such luminosity to my skin with or without make-up - I am an addict!F.A. - New York, NY
I want to thank you for recommending oils for my face. Within one day, my face felt softer. I use less foundation and feel more confident knowing my complexion is looking healthy. I also used your oil for my body to recover from the winter's dry air. My skin has responded beautifully to your recommendations and product. My scar from the hip surgery is looking better since I use the residual oil on it. Four of my dear friends have ordered your oils and all of them report excellent results. Thank you. You have been blessed young lady and you realize it, which makes that a sweet combination. Thanks again and I will see you soon. Then you can see for yourself how the oils have improved my life.D.N. – Ottumwa, IA
After years of trying many treatments to treat my melasma (inflammatory pigmentation disorder) with topical prescriptions, laser treatments, chemical peels, multiple lightening products – who would have thought an oil facial product would do the trick. But it did and I don’t even need to wear make-up out of the house anymore. It feels good to surrender and stop fighting a losing battle of persistent inflammation!B.A. – Indianapolis, IN
This product is amazing for shaving! I’ve tried every shaving cream under the sun and have always struggled with ingrown hairs and bumps. It’s great for the face but men will be thrilled with a new shaving option.G.N. – Chicago, IL
As a professional make-up artist for over 10 years I was not skeptical because I have yet to have Brooke lead my astray. However, I had no clue that adding an oil before a make-up application would make my clients and myself feel so beautiful. Thank you for sharing your little secret with the world.K. H.- Indianapolis, IN
My sister in Indianapolis brought me a sample of this product. She swore it was amazing! When she arrived at the airport the first thing I noticed was her skin. We have talked for years about wanting that youthful glow back. Well, ladies the product we have been waiting for has arrived. I live in Paris but I purchase my skincare products from Elizabeth Bergman Organics. Not only is the product line revolutionary but the brains behind the company is an incredible lady with a true passion for helping others. Thank you Brooke! I can’t wait to meet you (and hopefully get a facial-hint, hint) during my annual trip to Indianapolis!M. G. - Paris, France
I am an avid skier and I am constantly looking for a product that will keep my skin hydrated. Thank you for such a wonderful product! This is one product I never forget to take with me, my skin loves it. Are you planning on making a lip balm?Monique Z. - Quebec, Canada
As a woman of color, I’ve tried lots of skin care products to help manage my tone and texture concerns. My sister-in-law mentioned the Elizabeth Bergman Organics facial oils and I was initially reluctant to try something new that wasn’t nationally advertised. All I can say is everyone should give it a try – you won’t be disappointed!B. S.- Jackson, MS
I have a feeling men will like these new organic facial products as much as the ladies. My circle of friends understand good skin care, and we’ve tried all the new “trendy tricks”. I have to admit I’m hooked – every morning it’s what I put on my face (and a little on my hair) before leaving the house. I don’t know how Brooke creates her organic formulation but it’s magical.G. B.-San Francisco, CA
This is very exciting – I’ve been a steady customer at the high-end department stores and spas spending thousands of $$ on the latest facial miracle products. Who would have thought I could replace several different creams and serums (that don’t really work) with an organic oil formulation. My husband, teen-age daughter, and even my son like the EBO oils. I never dreamed we would ever all agree on a cosmetic anything product!!Karen J. - Miami, FL