Skin Care Education


First, let’s take a look at the structure, function and role that skin plays in protecting our bodies. This is a high level factual overview of the skin.


The skin is made up of 3 key layers.

The outermost layer or epidermis (visible layer) is comprised of dead epidermal cells. This structure seals the skin so tightly that only simple molecules can penetrate it. A fine layer of keratin (protein) lies under these dead skin cells and works to protect the new (young) skin cells from the “outside world” (i.e.…environmental toxins, UV rays, synthetic substances).

Under the epidermis lies the dermis or “true skin”. This area is home to the elastic filaments (collagen and elastin) that make up our connective tissue and provide our skin with firmness, flexibility and a youthful appearance. So here is the reality… collagen and elastin are ONLY RENEWED with OUTSIDE help. There are many products that promise to stimulate collagen and elastin but unfortunately the molecules (size) of these products are unable to penetrate the epidermis. So in other words… you can’t fit a nickel in a dime slot.

The dermis is also the resting place for many blood vessels and capillaries which graciously provide nutrients to our skin, nerve endings for hot, cold, and pain, hair root, hair shaft and hair, erector pili muscles (goosebumps, anyone?), sudoriferous (sweat) and sebaceous (oil) glands.

And last but certainly not least, under the dermis lies the subcutaneous layer which is composed primarily of fatty tissue.


So what does our skin really do? Well, our skin is an amazing organ and it probably does much more then we give it credit for. These are the main functions of the skin:

Provides protection from outside toxins, infectious bacteria, UV radiation and other harmful substances.

The skin is able to absorb many substances (as long as they can penetrate the epidermis) and Vitamin D synthesis.

Aids the body in removing waste and toxic substances.

Regulates body temperature.

Provides our sensations of hot, cold, pain, pressure and most importantly touch.

The skin secretes sebum (oil) and sweat (99% water and 1% salt, vitamin c, uric acid, urea, ammonia and lactic acid). This combination of oil and water makes up our ACID MANTEL. This acid mantel is our skins organic and naturally occurring protection from toxins, germs, bad bacteria, irritants, UV radiation, etc… you get my point… OUR ACID MANTEL SERVES A VERY IMPORTANT PURPOSE IN KEEPING OUR SKIN AND OUR BODY HEALTHY, BALANCED and PROTECTED.

Now you have a better understanding of what skin looks like and how it functions. Let’s explain WHY OILS FOR SKINCARE.

* When we refer to any oils it is very important to remember: All oils included in Elizabeth Bergman Organics products are PLANT, SEED and ESSENTIAL OILS ONLY. You will never find animal, petroleum, mineral or fragrance oils in any of our products. EBO would not advise use of these products in any facial or body care products, PERIOD! Many, many popular skin and body care lines are very creative in obscuring these oils with fancy names.


1. Absorption
Plant, Seed and Essential oils are able to deeply penetrate the skin delivering a host of vitamins, minerals, essential fatty acids, antioxidants, and other valuable nutrients to the skin.

2. Results
Plant, Seed and Essential oils produce serious results. These oils work to quickly and deliberately re-hydrate, nourish, tone, balance oil production, and plump your skin. It is an organic process; you give skin what it needs…your skin shows happy!

3. Simplicity
Oils are pure and restorative forces of nature. They are beautifully organic and contain more skin restoring nutrients than any other skincare product on the market.

4. Safe
Plant, Seed, and Essential oils, in appropriate dilutions, are safe and have been used for centuries around the world for healing, hydrating, and protecting the skin.

Yes, you heard us right. Oil can be used on any skin type and will improve all conditions, skin even acne. If you improve the adverse conditions* of the skin and balance the oil production at the same time,  the results will astound you.

* Adverse conditions include acne, pigmentation, rosacea, broken capillaries, eczema, dermatitis, and many more.

6. Keeps Giving
Organic and true to the way nature intended skin to be treated, oils never stop providing your skin with valuable nutrients and healing properties. Just as quality foods keep nourishing your body, oils keep nourishing your skin.

7. Glow
There is no glow like an “oil glow” (not to be confused with “oily or greasy”). Oils effortlessly melt into the skin without leaving an oily residue behind.

8. Balance
Plant oils are all natural and non-toxic so they DO NOT clog pores. Quality skin oils pull and dissolve oil from the skin which balances the oil production.

9. All Oils Aren’t the Same
We are all familiar with inexpensive oils (petroleum and mineral oil). These have been proven to clog pores and suffocate skin cells (lack of oxygen). These are the oils that people refer to when they say “oils cause acne” or “oils are greasy” or “oils are like putting a pan of grease on your face.” Do some research, use discernment and think independently. All oils should never be placed in the same bucket. They are not the same quality, nor do they serve the same purpose.  Oils have many different purposes. Just like you and me!

10. Sun Protection
We must tread very lightly on this subject but we do not feel it should go unrecognized. Many plant and essential oils have natural sun protection qualities. This is an added benefit, but for now we recommend a physical sunblock with a SPF of 30 applied over the face or body oil.


1. Application
Facial and Body products are being applied to an important vital organ…your skin. Why use a synthetic ingredient when you can nurture and replenish your skin with organic ingredients? Here is a fun fact: Did you know that the average person douses themselves in over 100 chemicals every morning before they leave the house. Scary…right?

2. Irritants
So many skincare products contain ingredients that inflame and irritate our precious skin. Daily skincare products SHOULD NOT sting or burn your skin upon application.

3. Quality and Care
Quality skincare oils are water free and contain only pure plant oils. Many popular skincare oils, creams, and lotions contain man-made chemicals and fillers that are totally unnecessary. Oils used in appropriate dilutions are very stable.

4. Environmentally Safe and Cruelty Free
Plant oils are green so you can feel confident that you are doing the “right thing” for our environment, waterways, wildlife, pets and future generations.

5. Natural and Non-toxic
Quality organic oils contain no synthetic or toxic ingredients.

6. Healthy & Antioxidant
Quality organic oils are loaded with antioxidants, which fight cancer-causing free radicals.

7. Energy properties
There is a subtle bio-energy that flows through all organic life. It goes by many names such as Chi (pronounced chee) or life force. This energy is expressed as an electromagnetic vibrational frequency. Organic plant and essential oils have the highest frequencies of any measured natural substance. Why is this important?
Higher Vibrational Energy=Healing


1. Nature Combined with the Best that Science Has to Offer
Correct form and molecular structure of skincare ingredients is critical for proper absorption and ability to affect change within the skin cells. Extensive study of plant oils, seed oils, essential oils, molecular weight and structure, and skin conditions is at the heart of EBO products.

2. Quality and Purity
Like anything else, there are many ways to source essential and plant oils. EBO skincare is fully committed to using the finest ingredients sourced world-wide. These ingredients are treated with love and respect from the planting process, to the extraction process, to the end-product. No alcohol, toxic chemicals, or “fillers”.

3. First “In Class” Products
Each and every EBO product has over 20 oils combined for maximum efficacy and superior absorption.

4. Mind, Body and Spirit
Not only do these products revitalize your skin, they have significant impact on your olfactory senses as well. Aromatherapy has been used for millennia to improve conditions of your mind, body and spirit.

Internal Peace=External Peace

5. Be Creative!
EBO products allow you to use your creativity and intuition. Many EBO users are inspired by the simplicity and ease of use. Customers have reported using EBO oils successfully for shaving, taming frizzy hair, acne scarring, burns, bruises, spider bites, surgical scars, diaper rash, pet application, sun and wind burn, make-up remover, and perfume. Keep them coming, we love hearing from you!

6. Simplicity
Quality skincare oils can consolidate and replace many popular & complex regimens. Enough of the multiple facial skincare products cluttering your bathroom vanities! EBO products have conscientiously been developed to bring together all your facial skincare needs and placed into 1 bottle. For example, you don’t need a separate eye cream (oils work much better). Skin around the eye is very delicate and only fine molecules will penetrate. Save yourself the hassle!

7. Vitality and Healing for All
EBO skin and body products are not for women only!

8. Visible and Physical Improvements
You can expect EBO products to change the way your skin looks and feels. You will enjoy this skincare experience and the compliments that come your way!

9. Elizabeth Bergman Organics = Nature + Science + Art + Love
There is no doubt that creating product synergy is an art requiring a blend of science, logic, insight and intuition. ALL EBO products are hand-crafted and loaded with Love. This love for all things living and healing is the basis of all EBO products.

10. Elizabeth Bergman Organics “Oils for the Skin ~ Oils for the Soul”
There is a deep, gentle elegance to plant and essential oils. A long history spanning millennia defines their healing partnership with us. The healing effects of plant and essential oils can be subtle and profound. They can affect healing on all four realms of reality - physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. However, the oils themselves are not the healing agents. Rather they are bio-spiritual agents which promote the action of the body’s own healing systems.