First, let’s take a look at the structure, function and role that skin plays in protecting our bodies. This is a high level factual overview of the skin.


The skin is made up of 3 key layers.

The outermost layer or epidermis (visible layer) is comprised of dead epidermal cells. This structure seals the skin so tightly that only simple molecules can penetrate it. A fine layer of keratin (protein) lies under these dead skin cells and works to protect the new (young) skin cells from the “outside world” (i.e.…environmental toxins, UV rays, synthetic substances).

Under the epidermis lies the dermis or “true skin”. This area is home to the elastic filaments (collagen and elastin) that make up our connective tissue and provide our skin with firmness, flexibility and a youthful appearance.   Contrary to what you may have heard, here is the reality… collagen and elastin are ONLY RENEWED with OUTSIDE help. There are many products that promise to stimulate collagen and elastin but unfortunately the molecules (size) of these products are unable to penetrate the epidermis. So in other words… you can’t fit a nickel in a dime slot.

The dermis is also the resting place for many blood vessels and capillaries which graciously provide nutrients to our skin, nerve endings for hot, cold, and pain, hair root, hair shaft and hair, erector pili muscles (goosebumps, anyone?), sudoriferous (sweat) and sebaceous (oil) glands.

And last but certainly not least, under the dermis lies the subcutaneous layer which is composed primarily of fatty tissue.


So what does our skin really do? Well, our skin is an amazing organ and it probably does much more then we give it credit for.  It may suprise you to know that these are the main functions of the skin:

Provides protection from outside toxins, infectious bacteria, UV radiation and other harmful substances.

The skin is able to absorb many substances (as long as they can penetrate the epidermis) and Vitamin D synthesis.

Aids the body in removing waste and toxic substances.

Regulates body temperature.

Provides our sensations of hot, cold, pain, pressure and, most importantly, touch.

The skin secretes sebum (oil) and sweat (99% water and 1% salt, vitamin c, uric acid, urea, ammonia and lactic acid). This combination of oil and water makes up our ACID MANTEL. This acid mantel is our skin's organic and naturally occurring protection from toxins, germs, bad bacteria, irritants, UV radiation, etc. You get my point.  OUR ACID MANTEL SERVES A VERY IMPORTANT PURPOSE IN KEEPING OUR SKIN AND OUR BODY HEALTHY, BALANCED and PROTECTED.

With you new uncerstanding of what skin looks like and how it functions, let's explain, " WHY OILS FOR SKINCARE"

 When we refer to any oils, it is very important to remember: All oils included in Elizabeth Bergman Organics products are PLANT, SEED and ESSENTIAL OILS ONLY. You will never find animal, petroleum, mineral or fragrance oils in any of our products. EBO would not advise use of these products in any facial or body care products.   Many popular skin and body care lines are very creative in obscuring these oils with fancy names.