About Brooke

A native USA Midwesterner who has become a leading expert in skincare and advanced facial techniques, Brooke  launched a sweeping breakthrough in the face and body care industry. Her Brooke Elizabeth Organics line of innovative products is receiving extraordinary reviews for her intended themes – simple, sustainable, safe & superior results.

Brooke believes that many popular skin care products and regiments are based on “over-exfoliation” which strips the skin of oil, our skin’s natural barrier and defense. Her brand reflects her vision to create products for the world to enjoy that follow her simple philosophy:

“Nurturing, nourishing, and protecting the skin is essential for our skin to maintain the qualities we all desire ~ supple, youthful, healthy, and glowing.”

This brand and product line was created through education and inspiration – not by chance. Brooke is a practicing, licensed esthetician and has a degree in health sciences. She developed her knowledge and skills in health, wellness, and beauty over many years. Brooke personally blends her skincare formulations to create the synergy and user experience she finds essential in all skin and body care products. The inspiration began while meditating on the black stone beaches of Napier, New Zealand in 2001. She wrote in her journal as a promise and commitment to herself:

“I have a goal to make a difference and provide the world with a little something that changes people’s lives using the earth’s organic and sustainable resources.”

This vision launched her journey and empowered her to create her product line.   It is with an abundance of love and gratitude that she shares Brooke Elizabeth Organics with the world. Brooke collaborates with industry experts to help educate about holistic skincare and the therapeutic impact of essential oils.